How Teachers Use Twitter

The Question:

As a consultant for TeachersConnect, I was asked to find out the answer to the question, “What do teachers do on Twitter?”


My Answer:

By “attending” the edchat #bfc530,  a 5:30am meetup for educators on Twitter – I found teachers supporting their peers with information, encouragement, inspiration and when needed, to say, “I’ve been there too.”

Additionally, they were asking for and receiving help in identifying technology, resources, professional development and job opportunities.


The Result:

The fact that edchats exist, despite their non user-friendly nature, was additional evidence for TeachersConnect that their idea of a social network for teachers has immense value.  TeachersConnect took the research as user validation, and used the detailed findings to dig even deeper into teacher’s needs.  I like to think that I contributed to the company’s user research base and, consequently, their design principles, which were forged after a lot more work, especially by Dan Coleman and Dave Meyers.  The design principles can be seen in this blog post called “Find Me a Soulmate.”


The Deliverable:









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